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Black, the darkest color.  It’s dark & dangerous.  It’s associated with fear, mystery, strength, authority, formality, death, grief & mourning, evil, predators, aggression, rebellion and danger.  It’s the color of the hidden, the mysterious, the secretive, and the unknown.  It is also referred to as intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable.

Black is in fact the absence, or complete absorption, of visible light – a ‘void’ used to hide and disguise.  It elicits fear and stealth, broken by the light of white.  Such a huge contrast can be emotional and confrontational

But it also symbolises power & control, elegance and sophistication and is the most worn colour in modern fashion.  Black involves self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will

And lets not forget - It’s also our associated national color.  We are Black – and we are deeply rooted in its symbolism of success.  There is after all, pride in all things 'Black' as a kiwi!


Queenstown painters Black Lounge

Black Is Sexy


People who like black can be traditional, conservative and serious, or see themselves as sophisticated, elegant and poised.  Without doubt we have seen a huge increase in the use of black in modern homes or renovations.  Considering the following: 

·       Besides being sleek, black is versatile and can be combined with any other color

·       It adds contrast and makes the other colors stand out more.

·      Dark colors recede, and blur the edges. When connecting walls are painted black it can actually make the room look more expansive and generous

·      Paint the skirting black when you have a room with a low ceiling – it will help to make the room seem taller.

·      Black walls make a statement – and can be toned down with the use of other materials such as white oak floors and clever use of soft furnishers

·      Trending currently is blackboard black paint in kitchens or offices – functional as well as aesthetic!

·      Black in a bathroom or bedroom can create an elegant mood very easily

·      Try a wallpaper rather than a paint?

But Remember

·       Black heats up quickly so be careful where you use the ‘colour’

·       Black can fade quicker so be mindful of the wall(s) you are going to paint

·       Black will show the imperfections quickly, showing all the bumps and grooves on a wall and making touch ups difficult

·       Black in a room can subdue communication because of the negative power impact, but it can also be used successfully to blend colours in a room for a strong impact


painters Queenstown Black Kitchen

Paint and Wait


Black is bold.  It’s a bold statement and can be a risk.  If you’re not 100% sure of how it will work in your home or commercial property, then talk to us about colour swatches, recommendations and referrals to interior designers.  Alternatively try starting small – a feature wall or a small space such as a bathroom.  Then paint and wait.  Dress it up and accessorize with other furnishings and colours – play with it.  And when you have your courage in hand, Break out the Black in Bulk!


Decorating Queenstown Black Bathroom



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