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Blue, my favourite colour.  And supposedly 78% of the 'people of the worlds' favourite colour too.  Not surprising really – you only need to lay back and gaze at our massive expanse of cloud speckled blue skies, or cast a glance over our beautiful Southern Lakes to feel at peace amongst varying shades of blue.  I’d even go as far as to say ‘it’s in our DNA’!  Blue is sublime and infiltrates so much of our consciousness in so many positive ways.  From winter to summer and the season’s in between, blue saturates them all!

Surprisingly then, I find it somewhat perplexing that the use of blue in private interiors is not currently as frequently used as it is in corporate and commercial environments where it is the most used colour of the spectrum.

Blue is the colour of the ocean and of the sky – expansive and epic and is embraced as the colour of heaven and authority

It inspires trust, reliability, dignity, strength, loyalty, & authority.  Represents creativity, and wisdom, intelligence and conveys a sense of calm, cleanliness, and understanding. It is said to promote physical and mental relaxation

It can also be cool, cold, wet, and slow with associations to depression and aristocracy.

Generally I like to believe that any shade of blue looks great – its such a diverse colour.   Consider the following

Dark Blue feels masculine, strong, and cozy and can be well suited for accent walls or in large light space and provide a touch of drama.  It creates a very royal effect.

Bright Blue is often used when close to the sea or a great body of water, or to create a nautical feeling and sense of carefree fun.

Light (sky) Blue such as pale robin's egg should be used in a more subtle spaces and I’ve even seen it on a lofted ceiling which helped to expand the space and create an airy effect.

It's probably most popular in bedrooms as it promotes relaxation and tranquility although I’d love to see it used more liberally in other rooms such as sitting rooms or lounges.  It also can be combined with a whole range of other colours – everything from violets and purples to green hues.  Personally, a mid range light blue with soft grey accents and loads of natural light makes for a beautiful feeling room.

Colour is such a personal preference, and as such when it comes to painting your interior there is a lot to consider – light, orientation, view, building materials, personal profile, resale and trends etc.  If you need assistance, we can help you!   Start by dropping us a line!

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