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“Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” — Pedro Calderon de la Barca

 It’s not easy being green – I mean, green is everywhere and is the most common colour in our natural world. I understand that it’s also the second most common ‘favourite’ colour of humanity!   But it’s also complicated – there are more shades of green than you’d realize and the human eye is, in a way, programmed to see them all! Greens are visually the most restful colour and have more varieties than any other colour. They are represented by sage, moss, lime, mint, hunter, celadon, olive, evergreen, leaf, emerald, fern, avocado, grass, spruce, clover & holly amongst others! And of course green sits between the fantastic primary colours of Blue and Yellow, so depending on your choice, you can have either ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ represented!

Surprisingly, like blue, I don’t see many rooms painted in Green. Again, a green has one of our most emotive responses:

“Your pituitary gland is stimulated. Your muscles are more relaxed, and your blood histamine levels increase, which leads to a decrease in allergy symptoms and dilated blood vessels, aiding in smoother muscle contractions. In short, green is calming, stress-relieving, and – a bit paradoxically – invigorating. It’s been shown to improve reading ability and creativity”

So, green stands for balance, vitality, nature, wealth and rebirth. It’s the symbol of prosperity, freshness, and progress and we consider it balanced, healthy, and youthful

With a mass cultural message of renewal and restoration. Its nature in one colour and has been known to clam and sooth while fostering creativity and productivity. In fact the list just went on and on and on!

Now while green can me ‘go’ and ‘progress’ and forward movement’, not to mention MONEY, it also can be linked with envy and with greed. Two sides to a coin!

Remember the different tints and hues will effect you differently.

Tints and Hues - The Meanings

Lime green: is a fragrance that is refreshing, uplifting, and purifying. It is an aroma that can be cooling on the hot days of summer

Pale green: As the colour of new growth on plants, it indicates immaturity, youthfulness and inexperience. It allows us to see things from a new perspective, to make a fresh start.

Emerald green: This is an inspiring and uplifting colour suggesting abundance and wealth in all its forms, from material wellbeing, too emotional wellbeing to creative ideas.

Jade green: The colour of trust and confidentiality, tact and diplomacy, jade green indicates a generosity of spirit, giving without expecting anything in return. It increases worldly wisdom and understanding, assisting in the search for enlightenment.

Lime green: Lime green inspires youthfulness, naivety and playfulness; it is liked the most by younger people. It creates a feeling of anticipation, and helps to clear the mind of negativity.

Dark green: There is a degree of resentment in dark green. Often used by wealthy businessmen, ambitious and always striving for more wealth, dark green signifies ambition, greed and selfish desire.

Aqua: Aqua calms the spirit, offering protection and healing for the emotions.

Olive green: Although the traditional colour for peace, 'offering an olive branch', the colour olive suggests deceit and treachery, blaming others for its problems. However there is also a strength of character with it that can overcome adversity to develop an understanding and caring of the feelings of others.

Yellow green: This colour green suggests sickness, jealousy, cowardice, conflict and fear.

Grass green: Grass green is the colour of money. It is self-confident and secure, natural and healthy, occurring in abundance in nature.

Thoughts on Painting with Green

  • Green is one of the easiest colours to decorate with as it can act as a neutral colour
  • It is considered the most restful colour for the eye.
  • In the kitchen, green cools things down;
  • Use softer shades in the lounge or living areas as it can encourage unwinding but has enough warmth to promote comfort and togetherness.
  • In the Bedroom it’s elements of both warmth and coolness means you have many soft furnishing options to pair with it – although muted greens seem to work the best in this space.
  • Softer shades will be more relaxing
  • Children's spaces or home offices - Bring energy to a room by painting it a shade of lime green.
  • Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal. Those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches.
  • Green is often used in decorating for its calming effect. For example, guests waiting to appear on television programs often wait in a “green room” to relax
  • It is said time moves faster in a green room.

Green ‘is the sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being’ 

Remember we can always grab a few test pots and slap on some paint before you make a final decision!  Just drop us a line - we are always pleased to help you!

        Alex and the Team! 

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