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All About Red.


Let's kick our first article on room colours off with the strong passionate intense and energetic colour RED.  That sentence alone pretty much sums it all up! 

Appreciated as the most emotionally intense color, it stimulates a faster heartbeat and more rapid breathing rate.  It’s a colour of extremes and is associated with passion & love, seduction, adventure, promoting courage, fearlessness and self confidence.  However, as the colour of blood its also associated with more intense – dominance, strength, violence, danger, anger and war.  It evokes strong physical and mental emotions and needs to handled with gentleness when considering it for a room colour.


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If you want your room to be noticed, then using red will raise the room’s energy level.  It evokes ‘just more’.

Consider red for a room used in the evenings where the light is softer, such as a study, dining or living room as it draws people together and stimulates conversation.  The low light will make the room appear richer and more elegant. In an entryway, it can create a strong first impression.   Our best advice is to keep it simple and in small quantities.

Painting Lounge Red Queenstown

As red is often considered too stimulating avoid rooms where sleep is important, such as the children's space. The colour can make you excited or agitated so rather than paint walls or a room in red, try to bring red accents into a more neutral palette such as a deep red ottoman, a low lights lampshade, an accent chair or key picture frame, or maybe even a few accent pillows.  This will ensure you grab your guests attention while not overwhelming either them or your cohabitator's!


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