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Painters Preparation Queenstown

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So you’ve decided to paint! Great. Here’s a few useful tips on how you can help us to help you. Remember though, we’re professionals who are only a phone call away so if you need help with any stage of your painting & decorating project, we are not far away!

When it comes to pre-preparation preparation, anything you do at this stage will save you money in the long run and in fact aids us to stay focused on the job of creating a beautiful new space!

We’ll focus on the wall and ceiling preparation, your job is to pave the way for a clean and decluttered environment to let us do what we do best…create fantastic new spaces through PAINTING!

Declutter Please!


Ideally, if you can remove the furniture from a room, it will go a long way to helping. But in a town where for 4 months we’re battered with sub zero temperatures, snow and blustery southerlies, then we just need to work with what we’ve got!

So in the absence of a large backyard and loads of sun, if you could move the furniture away from the walls that would be a start! Try stacking the furniture into a nice tight area in the centre of the room.

If you have any type of shelving then definitely unpack them, as well as surfaces such as mantelpieces or sidewalls.

Painting Preparation Queenstown

Strip the Walls & the Floors


It’s time to remove everything off your walls. A few things to note;

      1.  If you are removing photos / art etc off the walls and intend to put them back in the same spot, then leave the nails and hooks alone. We’ll work with them.

      2.  If you intend to re-organise your walls after the pain, then remove all wall hooks and nails carefully so as to not damage the walls.

      3.  If possible remove all the covers of the power outlets, light switches and light fixtures etc.

      4.  Disconnect anything electrical / digital, remove and bag any cords that are hard wired into your walls. 

      5.  Don’t forget soft furnishings on the floors. Rugs and mats need to be rolled up and removed or stacked.



Firstly, rest assured that we’ll double check that every surface is ready for painting and we’ll add our own elbow grease if the need arises.

If you could please vacuum all the nooks and crannies, paying specific attention to the corners where the walls and ceilings meet, and where the walls and floors meet that will ensure we start with fresh surfaces.

Use a damp rag on areas such as the window frames, the doors & door frames, skirting boards, ensuring there is no dust collection or in the case of kitchens – grease collection!

For bathrooms and wet rooms ensure that there is no mould and the rooms are well aired and dried.

Here to help


From here on out, we'll finish the wall and ceiling preparation - from washing the walls to stripping and covering - protecting your furnishings and floors.

At the end of the day, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional painting solutions, so if you need help or advise please drop us a line. We are only too happy to be of assistance! 


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