Preparing Your Deck for Winter

painting Staining deck queenstown

We all love our summer BBQ’s, and in Otago those great outdoor entertaining evenings often bleed into winter and we keep on cooking!


3 simple steps to refinish your deck against the elements and keep you safe and your deck long living and well maintained year after year.

1. Give it a Thorough Wash

Power Washing!  Let's not underestimate the power behind a really good water gun.  A good wash may seem obvious but it’s a step many people actually miss.  Over time your deck or patio will collect a whole lot of dirt and chemicals, which rain and snow alone won’t clean off.  This can have a weathering effect on wood, particularly if it is stained or painted.  Power washing is also inexpensive and can be used on your driveways, patios and brick

2. Sand Away the Splinters

Time to sand the deck – fun!  There really is no way around this one.  Once you’ve blasted the deck, and the wood dries, raised wood fibers can create splinters and that’ll spoil any decent BBQ! .   

Top Tips:

1. Use a power sander – fast and efficient.

2. Wear a particle mask.

3. Wear safety glasses

4. Don’t forget the railings, edges of boards, etc.

Painters Power Washing Deck Queenstown

3. Stain and Paint

Listen up – the next part is super important and the part I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for! Time to choose your colours and forge ahead with your painting or staining. 

Contrary to popular belief the early spring/summer seasons are not the ideal times to paint or stain your deck.  Wood absorbs humidity and applying a new treatment will have more effect when the wood is dry but not over dry. High summer temperatures can cause the stain to to evaporate too quickly and not penetrate the wood. Early spring can cause cracking or peeling.  That leaves us with Autumn.

Top Tips:

1. Ideal temperature for applying a stain: 21- 22 degrees celsius (safety 10 – 30 degrees celsius)

2. Avoid applying in direct sunlight

3. Do not apply any treatment if rain is forecast within the next 24 – 48 hours.

4. Wear Safety Gear and protect your eyes, skin and clothes

Mother nature is a fickle beast - Time and extended exposure to the elements will cause degradation.  Of this there is no doubt.  So take these 3 easy steps above to make sure you extend the life of your deck, make sure it’s visually attractive, and functional for all of those cool outdoor BBQ moments entertaining friends and family!


Of course, you can hire us to do this for you. We offer powerwashing, sanding, staining, and/or painting for decks and other areas. Contact us for a quote or for more details


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