5 Decorating Tips for Couples Moving in Together

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There’s a lot of new housing developments popping up around Queenstown, from Hanleys Farm to 5 Mile and Shotover Country, of which many of the projects I’ve worked on over the last 12 months have been for 1st time couple buyers.

There is no doubt that building a house can be stressful. There are a million or more little decisions to make above and beyond the already larger purchasing and construction decisions. And more so than not I’ve been working with couples where one person has more of a creative eye or more of a vision than the partner.

Sitting in Café Society this morning, having just met with a frustrated couple that couldn’t agree on a colour palette for their new home nearing completion, it had me thinking about how Davis Décor can help them on their incredibly personalized journey.  

5 Decorating Tips for Couples Moving in Together

Resene - Decorating, Paint and Colour News, Jan 2017

I had remembered reading this article a while back but it resonated because it was a simple 5 point guide that stayed true to a few painting and decorating guidelines. Summarised, the guiding principles are as follows:

1. Establish a solid colour palette

2. Find common ground

3. Keep main living areas neutral

4. Incorporate contrasting elements

5. Make decisions together

The full article is worth a read if you and your partner are making these decisions for the first time! 5 minutes of your time may be just the encouragement you need to move forward to together and create a space you both are comfortable and happy in! So I’m going to add one more point;

6. Slow down, have fun and enjoy the process!

And lastly, drop me or any member of my team a line if you need more help – We are specialists in all things painting and decorating and would be happy to help.



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