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Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways – Oscar Wilde


One of the hardest decisions you’ll face is deciding ‘which colours’ to paint your interior or exteriors. Colours have a powerful impact on our psychology, they can be an influencer, they reflect our nature, they can inspire us or they can create a mood for every room. There is strength in colour and now, today, there are 1000’s of colour options to choose from. Create a palette, keep it clean, mix and match, highlight a feature… the possibilities are simply endless.


So here are our recommendations when starting down this colour choice road 

  1. Consult a professional! Here at Davis Décor we can help directly or we can recommend a number of interior designers and colour specialists to help and guide you.
  2. Check our Dulux and Resene NZ’s website for a whole heap of information and colour palettes that highlights whats currently in trend and what works well regionally
  3. Don’t be shy to research on the internet or use an App to help you on your way.
  4. And once you have a general idea of what you’d like, then let us help you with test pots. Light effects colours drastically so what you see on line, or in an advert, or on a paint swatch will be very very different when you apply it to your walls. So be bold and experiment first before committing.


For a few online colour palettes you can consider the following, although sometimes I think the more you research the more complicated you can make it. (

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At the end of the day, we are experts in our field and would love to have the opportunity to help you. We work day in and day out with new builds and like minded design professionals to acquire the exact look you’re striving to achieve with your home or work place.

Call us and we’ll be there to help


Alex and the Team


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