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Congratulations, you’re perhaps either looking to buy a section in Queenstown or the surrounding area or you’ve just made the big purchase! How’s the bank account? Eating out or dining in tonight?

Chances are you’ve been thinking about the design of your new home that will be perched on this sweet spot of land. The thought of creating your palace, a masterpiece that is truly yours is a lovely feeling isn’t it? Well, let us tell you, as much as a blank canvas is great to work with, it opens you up for a plethora of choices when it comes to the design & build. We can be easily influenced by fleeting trends, what our friends are doing and what architects or home build companies willing to take your money are trying to sell you. This can have cost implications and create major mental overload - with the rise of technology and an ever increasing face paced lifestyle, that’s not what we need now is it.

Did you know research suggests that whilst we like choice, too much makes us indecisive. Try something as simple and non-committal as buying lunch - that can be a process in itself. So, how about a large investment, phew, abort situation.

But seriously, where do you start?

How do you choose what style of home is right for you and how do you stay true to your home personality amongst the multitude of options (you could buy and build at Jack’s Point - strict design guidelines are potentially a bonus in this respect).

At Davis Decor Queenstown, Home & Office Decorating specialists, it would be fair to say we’ve had a fair amount of exposure to the challenges of choice when it comes to the home design industry. We’d like to offer a simple and easy tip to help with designing your new home in Queenstown (or your commercial space for that matter). It doesn’t require a high degree of creative flair, technology or anything too difficult. Let’s keep it simple.

Define your home personality BEFORE heading to the architect, home building company or interior designer.

1. Describing Words

In a quiet room, perhaps with a glass of Central Otago’s finest Pinot (we do like a good drop of Amisfield), start with a fresh piece of paper (if you like to write with a pen) or a blank word document if you prefer the screen (and delete, format, underline....buttons) and write down as many words (but no less than 8) to describe your ideal home. Be thoughtful and concise, it’s easy to get carried away and loose with your selection.

Speaking of Amisfield, check out the beauty, elegance and connection to the local landscape that this structure portrays. This is the work of Queenstown architects Warren & Mahoney. We’ve seen local Queenstown homes inspired by this striking example of architecture.

You can use Davis Decor’s simple new home design planning template to help you structure this process, ready to take it along in a nice format to your people.

As an example, we’ve written the following words that describe the personality of our ideal home (well Alex’s anyway). This relates to both the exterior and interior design.

  • Palatial
  • Grand
  • Industrial
  • Eco
  • Warm
  • Ambient
  • Sexy
  • Minimalistic

Once you have done this rank them in order of importance by either shuffling them around or putting a number (indicating rank) beside the describing word.

2. Personality / Mood Board

Now, with your top 5 describing words head over to Google images. This is a good way to build a visual library or ‘personality mood board’ for yourself and for the architect, interior designer and/or home decor specialist which will help to clearly communicate your preferences.

Whilst there is an abundance of exterior and interior design trends and examples across the web, what you want to do is search for those top 5 words you’ve just prioritised.

For example, if you have specified “minimalistic” as one of your top 5 words then type in “minimalistic homes”. This will narrow search results to your keyword of interest. Whilst you may not like everything about a house you come across there may be some features that really reflect your design vision. This could include anything from a door entranceway to a floating staircase to the latest paint and wallpaper colours. Save these images and lay them up on a page with a brief sentence about what and why you like what you’ve chosen.

For those social media saavy people, Pinterest is a great tool where you can create a home design mood board. Here, you can search the latest home design trends in Queenstown, New Zealand or the world for that matter and be presented with many inspiring ideas. Section your boards into exterior and interior design ideas for ease of reference.

Once you’ve carried this process out you should start to notice a flavour or trend showing in your selections.
If you don’t, don’t panic. Architects are skilled in interpreting the emotional goals of their clients when it comes to translating this into material items, physical structures, colours and so forth. They’ll be able to ask why you like certain styles and then offer realistic and tailored solutions to work toward achieving this.

So there you have it. A little tool to get you started. We hope you’ve found this useful in getting the juices flowing.

Davis Decor are a reputable Queenstown paint and decorating service that work on both residential and commercial painting & decorating projects around the Southern Lakes, Central Otago region. We are sought after and are recommended by word-of-mouth because of our attention to detail and our experience in dealing with a range of specialists involved in the design & build of new homes particularly in the Queenstown area. At Davis Decor we are educated painters and decorators and realise it’s not simply about slapping a coat of paint on. We work with your team in helping to consult on the latest colours, wallpapers, finishes and techniques to help execute that desired personality.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re in the process of designing & building your dream Queenstown home and to see what your home personality is.

It’s rewarding to meet people who are on this exciting journey and be part of heir investment or dream come to life. Our team are always up for a celebratory drink to reflect on hard work.

Till next time, take care

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