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Without wanting to do ourselves out of business, we know that a lot of you will be swapping the Christmas mistletoe for a paintbrush these holidays. At Davis Decor we’re committed to beautiful paint finishes so we thought some timely advice from the experts was in order.

Preparation is Everything

It’s tempting when you’re starting a project to ignore the most important step because you just want to crack on with it. Believe us when we say that a good finish only comes with good preparation. You don’t need to go mad, if you’re just repainting your walls and ceiling the chances are all you need to do is wipe the walls down with a damp lint free cloth soaked in warm water and a mild detergent.

Pro Tip #1: If you’re covering up any pen marks you’ll need to seal them first otherwise they will bleed through waterborne paints. A little frustrating if you’re fed up of seeing your little darlings artwork on your walls!

Fill those small holes and scrapes and once dry sand smooth. 

Pro Tip #2: feel free to spend the drying time lubricating your body, as it is the holidays after all!

All Paint’s the Same, Just in a Different Tin…

No no no!

We have had clients struggle to cover up magnolia walls with 5 coats of budget brand paint. Just don’t do it! Yes, quality paint is expensive, but ask yourself why the professionals use it – is it because we want to charge you more? Don’t answer that. No, it’s because we want to give our clients a quality finish, not something that only looks OK in certain lights, when you squint a certain way.

We use Resene and Dulux because in our opinion they are better than any others on the market. The higher cost is offset by fewer coats, while Resene offer you money off when you sign up (for free) to their club card and also accept your used tins for environmentally friendly recycling or reuse – check out their Paintwise program.

Pro Tip #3: as for redecorating your exterior, again there are advantages to using a quality paint system. Advances in paint technology have allowed manufacturers to produce ‘cool’ paints. Cool as in fashionable? Yes, but no! In our alpine environment we thankfully have wonderful hot summers. The downside of this is that paint ages quicker in the heat. The darker the colour the more heat is absorbed, resulting in quicker deterioration. Cool paints use special pigment technology to reflect energy from the damaging areas of the spectrum whilst still absorbing strongly in the visible region (so they look identical to standard paints). Clever eh? This technology is applied not just to paints but also wood stains, a must if you’re liking the trendy dark wood finishes (or you live in Jacks Point!).

Slapping it On

There is an art to it, and it does take some practice but most of us can paint! Want to avoid the common pitfalls?

Pro Tip #4: Keep a wet edge to avoid lap marks when using a roller – roll the full height of the wall.

When you’ve finished for the day, Pro Tip #5: wrap your brushes and rollers in cling film and store in the fridge (when you get your well deserved beer out). Take them out half an hour before use the next day and you’re good to go.

So, Why Use a Professional Then?

Let’s face it, Christmas is coming up and not everyone wants to spend it with a paintbrush in their hand! Maybe you’d rather binge watch Game of Thrones on Netflix, or keep the kids occupied with touch rugby in the garden. In which case, give us a call and let us talk through some options whatever your goals.

We partner with interior designers for advice on the perfect look for your home, can advise on keeping your property well maintained on the outside and help you prepare your property for sale.

We’re working all through the Christmas holidays so get in touch for a free quote, just keep the mistletoe to yourself when we pop over! 

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