Put Some Spring in your Step

DD Spring Step

… and your porch, lounge, bedrooms, exteriors…

Spring has well and truly sprung in the Wakatipu – the days are getting longer and despite the late reappearance of snow on the hills we promise it is getting warmer.

In the same way that we might recoil in horror at the sight of our pasty white skin when we start to shed our winter jumpers, dusting off the cobwebs in the annual household spring clean might reveal your paint job isn’t at it’s best either.

Whilst we can’t help much with your skin tone (neither Dulux nor Resene are yet to make self tan sprays) we can help you get to grips with your property both inside and out.

On the outside you need to protect your investment from the harsh Otago environment

Your exterior plaster and wood needs to be kept in tip-top condition (we’re talking houses here by the way, not your complexion!).

This isn’t just about keeping it pretty (which is important in it’s own right). Small cracks in painted plaster naturally occur over time and can grow over the winter freeze/thaw and really need to be addressed to prevent problems further down the track.

Did you know that most plaster cladding systems come with a warranty, but to keep this up you must follow their re-painting guidelines – worth checking out the small print here as it can save you major headaches in the future and increase your resale value (even in the current hot market where you could sell an egg box for the price of a 2 bed unit in Palmerston North!).

The same is true for wood cladding - while the weathered look can be quite attractive, wood is still a natural product and needs to be nourished with oils to prevent it from becoming brittle and cracking. There are plenty of options for restaining whether you want to keep your weathered look or spruce up with a neat colour.

If your house hasn’t been painted or re-stained for a few years, get in touch with us for advice and a free quote, we’re a friendly bunch.

What about the inside of your house?

Mostly we can all slap a bit of paint on so why pay for someone else to do it?

Well, we don’t just slap it on! We are members of Master Painters New Zealand and take real pride in providing an excellent service from quote to finishing. We can liaise with interior design specialists and help you achieve your dream look, whatever it may be – does your small space need lightening or a large space need sectioning? We can help.

Plus, what would you rather be doing this spring? Masking off the corners of your kids rooms and climbing ladders to repaint the lounge ceiling or enjoying the spring weather and getting a bike ride or round of golf in on the weekend? Yes, thought so.

In summary, treat your house like your body – look after it inside and out and it will look after you. If you don’t you’ll be dried up with cracks all over and have a dusty interior, and no one wants that do they?!

Get in touch with us today for a free quote by following this linkemail us or call Alex on 0210 2577 820. 

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